The Workspace Next Door: Josh

After last week’s  muted (as Lorena called it) workspace we’re staying with boys this week to0, but we have superheroes here, and load of primary colors. Kelly has been here before to show us Adam’s cool workspace and I promised back then to have her back again. Here she is, with Josh’s superhero workspace which I am completely in love with, since I have a superhero lover myself at home.

Just as a reminder, Kelly has 5 gorgeous children, 1 girl and 4 boys. They are Sophie (10), Adam (9), Josh (6), Sam (3), Rhys (2).

the workspace next door josh on nokoncept

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

The Superhero room is definitely one that has been done many times! Because of this, one of my main considerations was how to combine Josh’s love of Superheroes and his passion for Lego without making the space too busy or cliché. It also needed to be age appropriate, with everything easily accessible for our little 6yr old. Josh can display his favourite Lego pieces in the storage shelf unit, which we’ve placed on the desktop for easy access. He also has space to build his masterpieces on the desktop, with extra storage and space for his creations off to the right. Having cool hooks nearby add to the extra storage component, keeping bags and dressups off the floor and the desk, while continuing the theme. Perfect for a busy little Superhero.

Did Adam have a say in the decisions?

As much as I like to think I designed the layout for this space, Josh definitely had the final say! He knew where he wanted most things, and we gave him options to choose from for the others. He’s not a huge fan of change, so keeping him involved through the process of creating this workspace was key to ensuring he loved it! It worked.

NOkoncept workslace next door series Josh

And does he also do his homework on the dining table instead?

I can confidently say that this desk has never seen a homework book. When it’s not being used as a Lego Creation Station, it’s a Superhero battle field. Josh is in his first year of school, and has minimal homework. Readers, sight words and phonetics all happen either at the kitchen table or in the lounge – wherever we can steal a quiet moment in our busy (loud) home. I do see a lot of coloring and craft being done at his desk, which tells me that as he grows, he will be more than happy to use his workspace to do his homework.

superhero room on nokoncept

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