The Workspace Next Door: Adam

For this week’s workspace next door we’re jumping to Australia to talk to Kelly, the owner of Always Me, and creator of Cot Skirts Made Fun and Bed Skirts Made Fun.  She was a Registered Nurse for 12 years before making the decision to focus on growing Always Me – and her growing family. Kelly is a mom of 5 and 3 of them are already at school, so we will be showing you their workspaces separately. You won’t be sorry, because each of them is AMAZING!

Kids: Sophie (10), Adam (9), Josh (6), Sam (3), Rhys (2).

First up is a ten year old Adam!Workspace Next Door Series on Nokoncept

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

In Adam’s room, I wanted to keep his workspace as multi-functional as possible.  Like a typical boy, he is always collecting bits and pieces, building Lego and creating things out of craft.  We’ve kept it clear of clutter so that he can utilize the desk space for a range of activities (including keeping treasures away from his three little brothers!).  Having extra storage and seating space was essential too, so there are plenty of containers and baskets in the desk, and an Acapulco chair for those all important days when friends come over to hang out.

Did Adam have a say in the decisions?

Yes and no! We first saw this amazing feature wall on the reality show House Rules, and Adam immediately fell in love with it.  He even helped me paint it when we finally took the brave leap to have a go at it ourselves!  Adam likes to select the wall art and colors, but aside from this, he’s usually happy to leave the rest up to me – for now!

Workspace Next Door Adam

And does he also do his homework on the dining table instead?

Ahhh homework – the daily struggle.  Adam prefers to sit at the dining table to do homework, where I can help him when he needs it.  However, being part of a big family, he often ends up back at his desk to concentrate on longer, more involved tasks.  At the end of the day, we do his readers together on the couch.  As long as his homework is getting done without too many battles, I don’t mind where he does it!

Workspace Next Door Nokoncept Adam

Isn’t this space perfect? I love how all of Kelly’s kids accessories are personalized. The pillows, the prints, she really makes a point of making those spaces their own, which makes me a bit jealous. Would your boy love this color combo?

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