Rollark, more than a fun wooden toy

ROLLARK is a sturdy, heavy-duty wooden toy you can play with inside or outside, sit on it, even stand on it.

The body of the toy is made of locally grown wood (beech, ashen, maybe acacia). We use aluminum and steel – two of the most commonly recycled metals. The essence of our philosophy is that long life will bring appreciation and a lasting value. So we’ve designed every part of the ROLLARK to be strong, easy to maintain, to repair or to replace. (EMBER Design Manufactory)

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The functions of ROLLARK are symbolic to me. On the one hand ever since my childhood I have been devoted to sailing; a true passion that has become an inspiring force in the creation of ROLLARK and in many other areas of my life. On the other hand during my university years I restored several Volkswagen hippie buses and I still have a strong bond with them. So these two elements combined led me to the creation of ROLLARK. (István Policsányi, Red Dot Award winning designer)

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ROLLARK is not a toy but a toy-system that can be extended and recombined. Parts are connected with a magnetic system so everything pops in place easily, even the wheels. All of ROLLARKS magnetic wheels have a unique double-bearing system that allows all wheels both to turn and to roll freely. rollark 4 rollark 5 rollark 6 rollark 7


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