ROLLARK Coloring+Drawing CONTEST

Remember Rollark?


Hello boys and girls, here’s your chance to get creative and win a MINI ROLLARK!

Be part of the ROLLARK Coloring+Drawing Contest! Here’s how it goes in a few easy steps:

1. download the boat/bus ROLLARK drawing – whichever you prefer or simply both
2. color the ROLLARK on the paper + draw freely whatever comes to your mind relating to ROLLARK until the paper has enough space:)
3. submit your or your child’s piece of art work by posting the pictures on the ROLLARK FB timeline
4. we take a good look on each and every picture submitted with joy and admiration of your talents
5. we also take into consideration of the number of likes a project received and we make a decision who should win the grand prize
6. the winner wins a MINI ROLLARK!!! Yes you heard us right!

You can submit your work until September 2!

COME and BE part of this magical contest!

NOW go and get started the clock has started!

rollark ark rollark bus

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