The Workspace Next Door: Luca, Máté and Panni

We’re continuing with our workspaces next door. This week with the other half co-founder of Szintér and a mama of triplets behind KreARTON.

Triplets: Luca 8, Máté 8, Panni 8The workspace next door Vimola Dora

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

Since the room is pretty small we needed a space saving solution. I knew that for the first round we will not be getting three separate desks, especially because I felt they will not be spending that much time using them anyway.

Did your kids have a say in the decisions?

The desk they are currently using is actually a side-table from our bedroom. One weekend I got a sudden idea and pulled it over to their room. That proved to be the answer to all the questions I’ve been thinking about for months: three of the same one?, three different ones? can we fit anything in here at all?

After that we picked the place for it together. I think they were really happy with the fact that they got something from their parent’s bedroom. Like, it made them feel big and grown up. We made huge paper decoration for the wall together too.

And do they also do their homework on the dining table instead?

Of course! And I am happy they do, because there we can all be together. Luckily they still don’t really have too much studying to do at home. Nevertheless, as a way of preparing for school, it was important to me to have a designated space for that purpose. I am also happy the solution is temporary and in a year or two when the time comes we can get into the subject more seriously.

How do you like this solution? Do you have a work-space you’d like to show off? Let us know, send us some photos or use #theworkspacenextdoor tag on Instagram.

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