Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with designer couple Kata and Attila

Days are gettins shorter, evenings are getting cooler, but it is still summer! Let’s see what this designer couple had to say about their favorite summer activities. (Kata is a designer behind Kattuska wooden toys and her husband is a creative force behind award winning furniture design company Enter Team).

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1. Describe your dream summer holiday!

Kata: Toscana! For atmosphere, views , food, olives and wines. Me and my husband are planning a trip this autumn.

Ati: At least 2 weeks at a qiuet seaside village. Wherever in Europe. Just doing what the locals do and go hiking. And be with kids.  And roam around.

2. Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

K: Balaton, Croatia, Kaposvár and Sopron. The latter to being my and my husbands birthtowns.

A: Obviously the same as above.:-)


3. Do you cook or eat out?

K: Out.

A: Out of course but we do cook sometimes. We use local groceries, Kata is a chef I am the help. Most of the time it turns out really good.

4. Fav summer food?

K: Sea food. I love it most if I can have it fresh at the seaside.

A: I love tapas with a glass of wine on our teracce in the evening.  Good food and long conversations into the night.teraszunkon

5. Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

K: Party, party, party, then reading to regenerate.

A: During summer break our kids spend lots of time at their grandparents. This way we get more chance to go out in the evenings or organize a garden parties at home. And we are using those chances.

6. How about festivals?

K: We love them! We’re always there at Volt festival, since my husband is from Sopron.

A: We use to be more avid festival goers, but even now it feels good to go and check out the festival for a day or two, feel the atmosphere.

7. What is your summer guilty pleasure?

K: Eating and drinking wine on our terrace long into the night.

A: What I find pleasure in I do all year long.

8. Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

K: Each one is, I try to live them that way.

A: Naples. That city is so complex and full of contracsts that every time I think of it I am reliving those feelings.

napoly_2014 (4)


9. Favorite summer spot in Budapest?

K: Budapest is a great city. Makes me happy to walk it’s streets in the summer, it is so alive.  When kids are at their grandparents the two of us ride into the city by bikes and go from one open terrace to the other.

A: Budapest is great in summer too.  It would be even beter if we were using it’s river setting and if we could sit on terraces overlooking the Danube and across. Maybe one day…

bringas kattuksa

10. Cocktail or lemonade?

K: Rose spritzer 🙂

A: Aperol spritzer. Or – this might sound weird – ice colt beer and orange juice. I love it on hot afternoons.



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