Workspace Next Door: Julcsi & Anna

In today’s Workspace Next Door post we will peek into the creative space of Rokka designer Viki’s daughters’ room. I met Viki in person after the Take me to the Beach Giveaway we collaborated on a few months back. It was funny, because we were both pregnant, with swollen feet and counting days until we’d become mothers of three, and now we both are. I have three boys, Viktoria has three girls: Julia, Anna and Sara. She is also the owner and designer at Rokka, a small one-person shop selling Eco-friendly and sustainable children’s goods made of hemp fabric. Our kids are the same age, which means Julia, the eldest is now in 2nd grade and we were really interested to see the kid’s workspace and to find out how it came about.

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

The aim was to make a bright, happy and stimulating atmosphere to both girls. To have as much natural light as possible we placed both desks close to the window. Another idea was to have enough storage baskets and boxes to keep all their stuff organized and handy. We chose the chairs and desks to fit to their age and height (Stokke, Ikea).

workspace rokka


Did your kids have a say in the decisions?

I tried to influence them but they have definite taste for colors and styles. ūüôā

And do they also do their homework on the dining table instead?

Yes, most of the time Julcsi does her homework on the big dining table and Anna likes drawing there. The kitchen with the big table is the place where we can be together while I’m cooking and I’m still there to help and chat. They only use their workspaces for “secret projects”.:)

the-workslace-next-door-julcsis-work-of-art the-workspace-next-door-julcsis-artwork

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