Tights to leggings

They grow so fast, don’t they?
These tights are not worn out, they ripped because got too short to quickly. Now, I don’t want to buy new ones, not now when spring is already here and weather is getting warmer and warmer. If I buy them now they won’t fit him in fall anyway.

So I did this with most of his tights:

HOW TO: Just cut them right above the heel.
Use the piece between heel and fingers for cuffs.
Sew them on, I used zig zag stitch so it ruffled up the knit a bit, but we like it that way.

They are perfect for this weather. It is still cold in the mornings when he goes to the nursery, but he can take them off and leave only the socks on in the afternoons when it is warm and sunny.

And this way it is possible he will still be wearing some of them in the fall.

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