The Workspace Next Door: Blanka


This week we are back home in Budapest, where designer Zita Majoros lives with her family. You might remember Blanka (8) and Áron (6) from the few months back when we wrote about Kids Tangram collection.



The workspace nect door blanka

Áron’s desk is on the right side but it was too messy to put in the photo.


What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

The most important aspects were big working surface and natural light, which is why the desk is under the window. We used natural materials and colors and mixed Ikea with vintage finds.

The workspace next door blanka

Did they have a say in the decisions?

Yes, we came up with the whole thing together.

And does Blanka also do her homework on the dining table instead?

Of course she does, the whole kid’s workspace idea is completely pointless:))

blankas workspace on nokoncept

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