Tangram patch job

I love Kids Clothes Week and I have been participating in it for years, sometimes more sometimes less intensively. I usually have huge plans and dreams, but then when time comes I realize it would be much better to try to finish stuff my boys actually need and I haven’t been able to make myself do in months. I did make a raincoat during last years  KCW and I am still so proud of it that I haven’t drafted one pattern since.

And now animals. Such a wonderful theme. But when I started talking to the boys about what they would like my six year old just observed it wouldn’t be a bad idea to first fix their ripped jeans and then plot on something bigger. And really, this came as such a relief:))

Inspired by my latest post on Printa’s new Aware Kids Tangram collection we decided to make Tangram Patches.

tangram patch featured image

This did not really involve sewing because I used iron on patches, but it did involve cutting so I guess it can qualify as this week’s KCW entry too. The whole thing i pretty easy. The only work-work it required was to figure out the size I’ll be needing for the leg. Also, I learned it is better to pick an animal that is standing up rather than say – swimming (like a shark for example). I cut several sizes out of paper and tried them out, when I got the right one I did it with fabric and just ironed it on. So easy!

But one of anything is not enough in this house! We had to to another one in the morning before we left the house.


Different jeans, different animal, same process.



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