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Our First World Record: Drawbot

On Friday 10th Researchers Night took place in Budapest. We picked the funnest project ever to participate with. The Drawbot! Not only we made drawing robots, we also participated in setting the world record for the biggest picture drawn by drawbots. First we made a Mean Machine. We disassembled one of the toy cars we […]

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Tangram patch job

I love Kids Clothes Week and I have been participating in it for years, sometimes more sometimes less intensively. I usually have huge plans and dreams, but then when time comes I realize it would be much better to try to finish stuff my boys actually need and I haven’t been able to make myself […]

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DIY Toothless T-Shirt in 20 minutes

To make this easy and quick toothless t-shirt you will need : – plain t-shirts – stencil, exacto knife, freezer paper, iron – fabric paint or pens However dirty and messy this sounds, I promise it was really quite enjoyable. The stencil I used is actually pumpkin carving stencil and the method is the same […]

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