Recycled Playgrounds

Playground season is on peeps. It’s been on since early spring, but now it is mud time, kids are going crazy, shoes are off, washing machines are getting clogged. Personally, I don’t mind my kids being dirty, I don’t even mind that those sand knee stain are impossible to wash out. If I’ve learned anything in those few years I’ve been a mom is that kids don’t care where they play, as long as they climb something and there is a sandpit. Swings are good too, but optional in our book.

At the same, I am a sucker for an inventive playground. There are many great playgrounds in Budapest, some of the featuring ships…they are usually pirates there. But they will play equally nice on the small standardized playground equipment most neighborhood playgrounds feature. We (I) like to visit different types of playgrounds in different parts of the city, check out the old, retro ones if we can find them. We’re not lacking playgrounds where we are is what I am trying to say.


I’ve collected some that I think would blow their minds for content and looks and also teach them about using scrap and stuff considered trash in their new world. It is important to show the possibility in the unimaginable, and make them believe anything is possible if you find a way.

Geopark in Stavanger Norway, designed by Helen & Hard is made of recycled materials from oil rigs.

Geopark recycled playground

Images: Helen & Hard

Self Made playgrounds by Basurama

If you are into repurposing and recycling be sure to check other Basurama projects, they do amazing things.

Lions Park playground in Alabama, designed by Rural Studio is made from 2,000 recycled galvanized drums.

recycled playground Lions Park

Wikado recycled playground in Rotterdam

Aren’t these fun? Each is different, yet full of possibilities. Most recycled playgrounds are still made out of need and lack of resources for the NEW, but what we should really be doing is making this kind of playgrounds on purpose.

I’d really like to hear your views on this topic, so please comment if you have anything.


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