Projekt Showroom Children’s Pop-up Store

We only need to sleep twice more, and on Thursday morning first
Hungarian Children’s pop up store will open its doors. Don’t bee fulled
by this door. In a beautiful, contemporary but at the same time warm and
inviting space, super nice ladies of Projekt Showroom collected for you
the best of the best from Hungarian kids design. And don’t be put of by
the word design! It is not only for deep pockets. There is something
for everyone, and cheap or expensive, it is all quality stuff carefully
handpicked for you. From textile dolls and board games to clothes and
baby carriers, the selection is overwhelming. Come, stock up on Xmas
presents! You will find it all in one place now, but only for 4 days! UPDATE: It’s been extended for 4 days more!











For more photos check out my facebook Projekt Showroom album.

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