Never worry about watering plants again

plant friends

I bet you are thinking what I was thinking. I bet you think this is yet another new brand of sustainable toys. Cute design, made of bamboo, what’s not to love? There is even the DIY feature.


Plant Friends is actually a plant environmental monitor system. As a matter of fact, it is a toy, for peeps attached to their phones and their apps (Android this time). So when you plant soil is dry Plant Friends will text you to please take care of it. Watering plants was never easier.

plant-friends_01 plant-friends_07 plant-friends_08

If you have a slightly less digital relationship with you plants and don’t want to be texted by plant friends you might want to give Walligami a go.


Not only it makes your garden vertical, it also has a built in watering indicator. It wont SMS you, but it will show a small watering can when soil feels too dry.

watering indicator walligami

With Walligami you will also have no over-watering problems because it will evaporate through fabric.

What are you waiting for?:)

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