Vertical garden planter Walligami


Walligami is perfect for decorating empty walls with refreshing greenery in your living room, bedroom, guestroom or office spaces. You name it. But also live plants make people feel calmer, enhance creativity and productivity, they produce oxygen and purify air, reduce airborne bacteria end even remove toxic chemicals. Use this benefits by hanging them on your walls in Walligami medium. In terms of preserving its unique shape when filled with more heavier potting soil and plant, Walligami medium is provided with inner hidden plastic reinforcement band on the front side of the pocket.



Walligami is an innovative vertical garden planter for home & office vertical gardens. Urban gardening with Walligami saves valuable space on floors, furniture or window sills.

Inspired by origami, the traditional Japanese art of folding, Walligami is made of soft fabrics and it’s soil pocket is 100% waterproof but still breathable.

In order to grow your favourite flowers, leafy plants, fresh herbs or even organic vegetables you have to make your very own walligami first. It’s easy, it’s fun and everybody can paticipate, just follow the folding instructions.

Great innovative element is indicator in the shape of watering can that disappears when soil is moist and appears when soil is dry. We can see then when to water the plant.Now we can really call walligami SMART!

With Walligami there is:

NO ENDLESS ROOT CIRCLING like in hard sided pots & containers.

In Walligami roots penetrate or grow into the felt fabric, in effect pruning it and causing the root to develop huge number of tiny hairy lateral fibrous roots.

NO OVER WATERING PROBLEMS like in ceramic or metal pots & containers.

… The root hairs receive their available oxygen from tiny air pockets that exist in the surrounding soil. It’s only when the water doesn’t drain away (for days) that problems occur within the root environment. Excess of water in Walligami drain away slowly by evaporating through felt fabric allowing new air pockets to form.


Whether you have small or bigger apartment . For sure it is already crowded with “things”. But for planted Walligami you can always find free place on the wall! Particularly for healthy plant that has multiple effect on our lives like reducing airborne bacteria and remove toxic chemicals from air, produce oxygen, reduce stress, increase optimism and make us feel calmer.

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