Little Style Squad: Iglo and Indi taking a spin around Budapest

Iglo Indi tatoo

Iglo and Indi is a kids clothes brand from Reykjavik, Iceland. How exotic, isn’t it?


Their clothes are designed for comfort with lots of gender neutral pieces to mix and match. We got our LEONARD BEAR & PARROT TOP from Smallgarden, to try on and show it off around town, so that is what we did on Saturday!

Ilija Iglo INdi lost

Ilija is not really bothered with what he wears if his Spiderman top is not available as long as he is comfortable. This particular fashion garment had one thing he was instantly crazy about, the TATTOO! Also, both boys are crazy about anything connected to the sea so we are sort of still eying the Tinny fish hat.

Ilija Iglo INdi sandbox

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Ilija Iglo Indi critical mass As far as I am concerned, I want my kids clothes to be comfortable, durable and highly washable. I also find it important that Iglo and Indi cares about who makes our clothes and about fair conditions during the production process. Iglo Indi Ilija MIni

My elder son will be starting school in September and I was already having plans about cute outfits including the likes of Jonny cardigans and stuff when I found this “message”:

Now I am more like, maybe what to wear to school is not my biggest problem…

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