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Little Style Squad: Morning model walk and some thoughts on buying clothes

I am a mom of boys. Both of my boys, although not bothered with fashion too much, have a pretty strong idea of what they DON’T want to wear. (For example, sandals from the last Little Style Squad post were probably only worn that day, and never again. He just hated them and that is the end of it.) We are also NOT a monochrome family, they love their colors, their Spidermans and sneakers that in most cases don’t go at all with what they are wearing. I am also a mom who several years ago developed a huge dislike for shopping. There is too much to choose from, nothing is valued and everything looks the same.

That being said, I’d be a liar if I said we don’t buy stuff. With my dislike for shopping I do the worst thing from the perspective of ethical fashion, I buy basics at chains like Aldi, Lidl..generally places where I go for groceries. To make up for that sin I try to do the following:

1. I try to buy only what they need
2. I make sure to prolong the life of clothes as much as I possibly can by fixing/lenghtening/shortening, refashioning in general and of course handing it down to the next son in line
3. I sew myself and try hard to show the boys that we don’t have to buy everything they like, that there are many things they can make themselves. It gives them the pleasure of creating but also the feeling of time and effort needed to bring a garment to life.

Smart talk off!

Check out the cute model below, he is the best:)

IMG_3967 Little Style Squad haha Little STyle Squad Ilija thinking Little Style Squad Ilija Little Style squad

Ilija is wearing:

Foxy T-shirt by Printa – ethical fashion brand from Budapest

Jeans jacket by Mommymoon – from Lithuania, probably the most valuable piece in my son’s wardrobe. Real Demi Couture.

Jeans – no name with mommy’s touch and a Tangram Patch

Glasses – Miraflex



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