Lazy-crazy-hazy Summer Interview with Eli Novaković – creator of Acro diary

Hey guys, isn’t this June totally annoying? Is it summer or what? I had hot chocolate yesterday and felt like it was late fall, which is why I decided to bring you Eli today. If she doesn’t bring summer to you nothing will. Eli is this positive, full of life and big plans energetic young person. If you think of it, it is really completely natural that she is the one who created the Acro goalachiever diary. Read about Eli’s summers and make sure you scroll all the way down because we have a surprise for you at the end of the post.

ELi Novakovic

Describe your dream summer holiday!

Dream summer holiday is definitely without my google email account 🙂 I will be waking up around 7am, do my yoga, have a healthy breakfast and go to swim to the beach. I usually love to spend my time at the beach tanning and reading some educational and inspirational articles. After that. the plan would be to prepare some tasty lunch and relax a bit. In my life there are rarely two days that are the same. What I love about the summer is that I can spend the days however I like. Summer perfection sometimes starts on the boat with my friends, sometimes drinking wine during the romantic and warm night with my man and sometimes it is just me, spending some time with myself in the sun. Whichever it is, I know how to enjoy every moment! I don’t remember non-dream holidays. It doesn’t matter where you are but who are you with! 🙂



Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

Usually it is Croatian coast during the summer – Komiža (Vis Island), Split or Dubrovnik. I believe Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful ones. During the winter here – we usually go to some warmer parts of the world so Palawan beach (Sentosa) in Singapore was this year’s choice, and next winter most probably – Sidney.


Croatia ELi


Do you cook or eat out?

It depends. I love to cook so for me that is not an obligation. Lunches are mostly at home, and dinners are out.

Fav summer food?

Oh, watermelon! Mango! + I adore FISH!

Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

Rarely party, haha! Usually it’s ‘let’s not call it party’, couple of wine glasses and song till the morning.


ELi wine


How about festivals?

Not that type of person. But I would love to visit one of them.

What is your summer guilty pleasure?

Martini! 🙂

Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

Komiža (Vis).

Favorite summer spot in your town?

Basement in Zagreb. Love the smell of the wine, delicious cheese and warm summer night. Ah…

Cocktail or lemonade?

Lemonade 🙂

Eli coctail

What is that one thing you feel you can’t live without this summer?

If it is a thing, and not a person – than my iPad. I love to make memories using it, share it on my @acrossthegoals social media page, inspire people and get inspired by amazing Instagram profiles.

Have a nice summer!

And now for the surprise!

Since the new (3rd) Acro collection went into print this week we decided to give one of our last copies of the current collection to one of you cool peeps. All you need to do is to subscribe to our mailing list thru the pretty form below, then PICK ONE and tell us which one you picked in the comments below. Which one is it going to be?

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Acro giveaway

The winner will be picked randomly among the subscribers on July 1st at Noon!

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