Lazy-crazy-hazy Interview with Manuela

I’ve known Manuela since the very beginning of my blogging and she was one of the first designers I interviewed. Although she rarely makes boy stuff, we’ve even had a chance to wear some of her designs. What can I say, we like to mention her when there is something to mention, and now that something is Summer!

Describe your dream summer holiday!

I would love to take a van for months out on the road with my kids and a few friends. Just no plans, no map. To get lost in the landscape, good drinks and food, camping and hiking, swimming and resting.

Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

Mostly in the country side of Hungary.

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Do you cook or eat out?

Usually I don’t cook. I enjoy eating out in summer. And some summers I make preserves from veggies and fruits.

Fav summer food?

Lots of salads. More simple is better!

Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?

No reading. I usually live in my mind on holiday. Thinking about how to change things in my life to the better or creative ideas on following collections.

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How about festivals?

No festivals really. There are too many people. I like to be only with few people, close friends in that way I can have better conversations and focus more on the presence.

What is your summer guilty pleasure?

I cannot say that ☺

Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?

Once I was on a small island in Croatia. We were wild camping. There was love, sun and sea.

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Favorite summer spot in Budapest?

I have no favorite spot, I like being in motion.

Cocktail or lemonade?


What is that one thing you feel you can’t live without this summer?

This summer I need freedom meaning not to adapt to anyone, anything, no timing and no rules. For a week at least.

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This week you can win a Manuela silk-screened, handmade pencil case.  This time let’s try something different, you can enter by liking us on facebook and leaving a comment telling us what is that one thing YOU can not live without this summer.

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THE WINNER IS TIHANA with her facebook comment ” a shade and a book”! Congrats!

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