Friday Adorbs: No girls in this House

In the slightest chance that you are following me on Instagram, and you actually took your time to read my #20factsaboutme post yesterday, you might know I’m going to have my third baby this year. To make it more fun, it will be my third boy, which makes it very practical. It also basically means I will never have a daughter, so I feel the need to collect some girl styles I love but I’ll never have to opportunity to make mine.

In love with AmiAmie happy knits for years:

amiamie girls

Wunway is sophisticated, yet playful.

wunway bloomers

And how about these Sophia Webster baby sandals? I’d obviously never buy them at the price tags offered, but this post is about dreaming anyway.

sophiawebster_miniAnd look at this princess! For more photos jump over to Scout the City blog.

playground chic

I also love Franky Grow, Jumina, Bookidswear and many more who I will have continue pinning to my If I had a Girl pinboard.

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