Franky Grow AW14 playful kids fashion

What a strange day! After a beautiful and sunny winter day yesterday, today is made to shoot yourself in the head. Luckily, I had things planned for today, like meeting with Rebeka from Larinne blog, who is so cute and positive that it has to lift you up. After that Andrea from Littlebig shop came to see me, and she was wearing an Eszterda pom-pom necklace and I felt so lucky there is colour in the world. Like Japanese kids fashion.

Unlike the zen and minimal interior design of the nursery I wrote about the other day I always feel Japanese kids fashion brands are so colorful, and even more than that – playful. When I think of being a kid again this is how I picture my clothes, like those of Franky Grow.

franky grow 4 franky grow 5


franky grow 6 franky grow 7


franky grow 8 franky grow 9


franky grow 12 franky grow


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