DIY Toothless T-Shirt in 20 minutes

How to make toothless tshirt

Ilija wearing toothless Tshirt

To make this easy and quick toothless t-shirt you will need :

– plain t-shirts

– stencil, exacto knife, freezer paper, iron

– fabric paint or pens

However dirty and messy this sounds, I promise it was really quite enjoyable. The stencil I used is actually pumpkin carving stencil and the method is the same as the one I used to make the Star Wars Pillow. Since there were no fine details in the Toothless stencil it was very easy to cut it out quickly, and I was able to work on 3 layers at once – printout of the stencil and 2 layers of freezer paper, one for each of my sons. You could probably work without the freezer paper, but being able to iron the freezer paper on the T-shirt to make it immobile makes a huge difference, especially if kids are doing the painting.


Ilija the Tootless Pale in Toothless Tshirt

DIY Toothless Tshirt


Do you let the kids make their own clothes? Would you make this? Let us know in the comments.

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