DIY Advent Calendar without chocholate

Advent Calendar drinking game sticker

Ah, that Advent! Do you make calendars yourself? Load them with little gifts? I don’t, to be honest. I do try to mark the occasion, explain what the whole thing is about actually, but I don’t feel they need another reason to get gifts. Plus, they do it in their kindergarten, everyone gets a package for each day of the Advent. On Fridays they get 3, to cover the weekend too.

So we did this this year:

Advent sticker2

Advent calendar Ilija

I got these MyWall stickers, originally made for spirit bottles to kind of play a drinking game counting down to Christmas, but we used it on or glass door cupboard. We will try to cross off the days, learn numbers along the way and practice patience:)

Advent sticker chalk

Advent sticker uni chalk

If you know Uni Chalk markers then you know I am not crazy to let them do this. These markers are chalk based markers ideal for sign-writing on non-porous surfaces, easily removed from such surfaces with a damp cloth. Yet, if you say, decide to use it on the outside window the rain will not wash it off. You will be able to do the washing of with a cloth quite easily. They also wash off the kids hands easily and do not contain alcohol. Mind you, these markers are even suitable for face painting.

Advent Calendar 2014So, this is our Advent Calendar on the first day. There is space for improvement here I would say, and we will continue to work on them in the next few weeks. Practice makes perfect, and with the liquid chalk markers you can always start over, so no need for kids to get frustrated because their stars look more like fireballs.

We got our markers here.

They are also perfect for labeling on Chalk board label stickers.


What is your advent calendar like? Show us in comments!

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