Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić and his stories in pictures

Those of you who have been following me on Instagram know that I was on Croatian coast last week. The weather wasn’t too perfect, but I was lucky enough to catch the Vojo Radoičić exhibition in Crikvenica town gallery.

Vojo Radoičić is a Croatian painter, illustrator, sculptor, printmaker and stage designer based in Rijeka. He characterizes his works as recognizably childish. Radoičić works with scrap and paints on basically anything, mixing techiques and materials to his liking (and mine). It is quite trendy today to do this kind of thing, but 30-40 years ago when he started it was unseen and very unusual. I am not an art critic, but Vojo Radojčić’ works make me smile.  I love childish grownups, vibrant colors and humor.

Vojo Radoicic 1 Vojo Radoicic 2

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Make yourself happy!

Vojo Radoicic 5 Vojo Radoicic 6 Vojo Radoicic 7 Vojo Radoicic 8 Vojo Radoicic 9 Vojo Radoicic 10 Vojo Radoicic 11 Vojo Radoicic 12

Vojo Radoicic 14 Vojo Radoicic 15 Vojo Radoicic 16 Vojo Radoicic 17

Vojo Radoičić has held more than 180 independent exhibitions in Croatia, and abroad. He lived in London and Vienna and used to be close friends with Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Austrian artist whose works I also love and respect).

Exhibition in Crikvenica runs until June 30.

Update July 16, 2017.

RIP – Vojo Radoičić died at the age of 87



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