Little Style Squad: Striped Pajamas are OK

You know when you get a piece of clothing for your kids but you can’t really picture them wearing it, or at least not in that actual form?

These striped pajamas are too big for the baby, and too short and weird shaped for the boy, but you like the fabric. It looks good and is soft to the touch. Use an acceptable PJs to trace, add some cuffs and you are done. I think this was less than 30 minutes project, I even managed to use the original waist line, only had to stitch it along the cut together with the elastic that was already there.

Good Morning Sunshine:)

You can find the tute for the top he is wearing here.

striped pj

My skinny little boy being an angel:)

Wearing a noname PJs mama fixed and an H&M top mama pimped for Dr Seuss Bday.

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