Stray socks DIY doll hat and scarf

Stray Socks and why it is good you kept waiting for that other one to turn up

It is finally Friday (oh wait, I'm a mother), you put the baby in the wrap and go to get your middle kid from the kindergarten. He runs to you, all happy and excited. Noooo, not because he is so happy to see you. It's because he has something to tell you, something all kids from the group are waiting for and all moms are dreading. It is our time to take the kindergarten teddy home again.

Teddy and his diary. His diary, that I have to write and pretend to be him, and tell the group how wonderful his weekend at our house was. Ok, ok, I get it, it is fun, kid's love it. In fact, I love it too, it's just that I could think of a million better things to do with myself on Sunday evening after everyone has gone to bed, the house is a dreadful mess and all I actually want to do is stare out of my head. But as I said, I am mother and essentially I love everything that makes my kids happy, which is how we ended up making a

Stray socks DIY doll hat and scarf

Here is how it happened. We took Brumi teddy on the bus on Friday and it turned out he was extremely cold. Still enthusiastic about the prospect of a Weekend (I always think we will have loads of time on our hands to do whatever we want. You'd think I'd learn after having so many kids) I suggested we (read I) should crochet him a hat. In all honesty, how long can it take to crochet a small hat like that?

As it turns out, I am not that great at my time management, or crocheting small bear hats in my time abundant weekend. I am on the other hand very painfully aware that my middle child does not take unkept promises lightly. Not prepared to be a lying mother, because 'a lie is still a lie no matter why you did it', I had to think of something really fast when I realized on Sunday evening that Brumi still didn't have his winter wardrobe sorted.

What to do, what to do?

I could have just sat down and do that crochet thing, but I really needed something without counting and thinking too much, and this is where our stray socks come in.


How cute is that? It is a feel good project, I swear. Not just because it is sooo easy - it literally took 5 minutes to do. In addition, you get to use stray socks (let's face it, you're never finding the pair anyway), you show your kids some creative thinking, teddy isn't cold anymore and there is that WOW effect. Why? Because they were looking at my like a lunatic when I took out the sock, and then they were WOOOOOW when it turned out so cute and functional. My favorite type of project, simple, effective, and you get to be a super-mom for a minute.

So here is how we made the Stray Sock Hat and Scarf. It is actually so easy that it is embarrassing. It took me a week to do a post on a 5 minute project. Good on you mama!

Cut your stray sock along the red lines. Your scarf will be the part without the cuff. Turn the hat part of the sock upside down, that way your cuff will be a head band . You will have to close the part along the cutting line. I sewed it up, but you can just tie it up with a piece of thread, or even use a rubber band for a quick no sew stray sock hat version.

There you have it. Happy kids, happy mommy and cute Brumi bear in his Stray Socks Hat and Scarf.

I would like to publicly apologize to all the moms from the group who had to not only carry home the bear, but also his bed, bed mattress, bedding and a blanket. We made those when P was still in kindie!


​Here is more cuteness made from stray socks!

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