Playgrounds of the world: Buda Hills

We went on a little field trip on the weekend. I love to be outside in the nature. It helps me relax, gives me energy and settles things inside me. I would like to start a series, share with you our tried out paths, our experiences and I would love to hear yours too.


This weekend the destination of choice was Buda hills, and we had so many surpises along the way that I just must talk about it. We parked near the Fenyőgyöngye restaurant, from there we decided to follow a blue round walk signs to Árpád-viewpoint on on Látó-hill – 376 m high). We use the viewpoints to be able to decide where to go more easily. There is a viewpoint there? Ok, let’s go. But this place is really magic. Beautiful view over the Budapest bridges makes you want to stay there a little while longer. The viewpoint building itself is not to high, it was built in 1929 from rock (designed by Lóránt Friedrich, and the wall  on it’s side can serve as a great playground to bigger kids. My almost 4-year old  could easily clime up over and over again. Some other school kids had great fun too doing the same.


From here we followed the green round walk. We saw caterpillars, bugs, a squirl and a turquoise-green lizard couple that even modelled for us in the sun. Can you find them?


We were really close to our destination, when we came across a pleasant space, a playground near the Macis parkoló (Teddy-bear parking). The parking actually got it’s name off the big wooden teddy-bear from the playground. We were now stuck here until the girls tryed out all the equipment: climbig wall, clide, swings, a hut – all made of wood of course. But the real charm is in the place itself. Surrounded by the greenery, fresh air and no sign of the crowd we are used to in the city. The playground was empty when we got there, so we (the parents) decided to give it a shot and try some of the equipment.  Then all of a sudden one couple appeared and sat on the swings and talked quietly.  After them a family with a small baby in the carrier came. They also tryed some of the toys out and everything was so quiet, pleasant and natural.


I think they should build playgrounds for grownups too! 🙂 How about you?

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