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Playgrounds of the World: 100 Creative Playgrounds for Children of Serbia

On May 1st we set out to spend some time at Kalemegdan park, the main park of the historical Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade. It so happens that among other fun things you can do with kids in that park and around it, it is also home of  the first “designed” creative playground in Serbia as part of the “100 creative BDW playgrounds for children in Serbia” campaign. The playground opened in September last year at the location of the old playground previously closed by inspection because it failed to meet safety standards. Belgrade Design Week pays special attention to the creative development of children and in 2013 started a non-profit project,  which aims to gather the most responsible and socially aware municipalities, local and global corporations, institutions, diplomatic and trade representations, which would team together as partners in the production of 100 CREATIVE BDW PLAYGROUNDS FOR CHILDREN throughout Serbia.

Our wish is that within two years we jointly donate to Serbia 100, not only new, but more importantly, innovatively designed playgrounds, which can nowadays be seen everywhere throughout developed societies. The difference that BDW’s reputation represents compared to similar projects, or even humanitarian actions in general, is precisely the difference which marks BDW’s USP: a unique methodology that guarantees a carefully curated and managed inclusion of outstanding members of the creative community and their outputs, as well as some of the greatest achievements in global creative industries, into the project, that has by now become BDW’s trademark. (BDW)

The playground was incredibly crowded since May 1st Labour Day. Weather was beautiful and absolutely everybody was outside…probably at that park, but somehow the kids stil managed to have loads of fun.

100BDWPlaygrounds8 Belgrade Design Week (BDW) has initiated and managed the entire process to create this creative playground, in cooperation with the City of Belgrade and the Greek company Lamda Development as main patrons, the Embassy of Finland in Serbia and Finland’s Lappset as partners, designed by Belgrade’s young, up and coming studio MADA Architects (who, built by the experts of Belgrade’s Municipal Greenery.
In cooperation with Lappset we designed a playground tailor-made for Kalemegdan and its topography, so that the playground’s landscape is actually dictated by the topography of the field, in particular the “hills” defined by the security zones of the devices. What ‘s great and what really surprised us, was that the “hills” have become a main toy in itself for children, experienced almost in competition to the prized LAPPSET equipment. (MADA architects)


Waiting in line for the slide


No playground should be without the sandbox.


Jeu Surfy by Lappset


My favorite piece of equipment was this bouncy net of blue plates.

Yes, the crazy person in the middle is my son.


Look at this crowd!

Our vision for the “100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for Children of Serbia” project stems from the basic vision and mission to apply design-thinking in all aspects of our daily needs as society – in this case in creating playgrounds for children which are safer and more beautiful for playing. Equally important, to introduce design to children from the early childhood, which has a function to improve motor skills, follow up children’s needs and develop their creativity through game. Our vision is to produce 100 of these playgrounds in Serbia, designed and manufactured according to highest European standards. (Belgrade Design Week) Playgrounds are important to us. Designed or not, show us your playground, PLEASE! For details jump here! Also have a look at the other Belgrade playground my kids loved.

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