Our First World Record: Drawbot

On Friday 10th Researchers Night took place in Budapest. We picked the funnest project ever to participate with. The Drawbot!

Mean machine drawbot world record 2015

Not only we made drawing robots, we also participated in setting the world record for the biggest picture drawn by drawbots.

First we made a Mean Machine. We disassembled one of the toy cars we had at home, 4 markers a tube box and some decorating later we tried it…and the kids (I want to say went wild but actually) were speechless. Seriously, this was the most effective and powerful project we have ever done at home. The amazement on their face, wide open mouths and eyes, PRICELESS. What is the craziest is that it is so very simple to do. We used Tinker Crate instruction for reference because it is pretty and professional looking (but it uses store bought drawbot kit, we used items we could find at home, and so should you).

You can find some more handmade robot tutorials on my Creative Play board on Pinterest.

Since the first one was so successful we had to make another one. That one turned totally differently.

Dancing drawbot world record 2015

In fact, the most amazing thing at the event itself was exactly how different all the little robots were and how they were all cute and funny.

Roboskicc Petyko

This little robot was made by P’s friend from school

traffic jam at drawbot worldrecort challenge Skiccbot Budapest 2015 Drwbot Budapest world recort 2015 drawbot world record 2015 budapest Drawbot 2015 Budapest Let it go dancing drawbot world record 2015

Do your kids dig this kind of projects?


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