New Toy: Wooden abc blocks

I fell in love wit Ponge toys blocks sometimes last year. I totally, totally dig their retro design. The box for example is made of handmade cardboard paper but it is massive, which is so important when your kids literally bulldozer over their stuff. I know, I know, they need to be taught, but until then it is nice to have something sturdy and durable for a change. This blocks are not only beautiful, they literally smell of nature. They company that makes them cares about environment and about ethical production. The whole product is an outcome of a carefully thought out plan that incorporates everything I find important: sustainability, social responsibility, aesthetics, and learning through play.

All that became even better when during the summer they launched German and English alphabet blocks too along with the Croatian. I knew I had to have them in the shop too at that point. What I also love is the fact that unlike everybody else, who is turning to English as their best bet, they are working on adding new alphabets all the time. Finnish will be available very soon, and there are talks about Hungarian too:)
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Unlike his big brother, who started showing interest in letters very, very early Ilija is completely uninterested. He reads his own stories and makes up his own games. Wooden blocks can be towers, cars, even a Kung Fu Panda. We’re still mostly using them for stacking, but he’ll stop and listen for a minute every now and them, especially if his brother spells out his name.


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