Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

At the end of June Zagreb, my hometown, got it’s own Museum of Illusions so when we were there with the kids for Dan D last  week I made sure it got on our “things to do in Zagreb” list, especially because I knew P will totally flip there. I was a bit worried that it will be closed on Mondays (because many museums are) but that was not the case. So, after a major meltdown produced by Ilija (3.5) on our way to the tram stop, P and I decided to embark on this adventure without him.

From then on it became clear that this day was made for Museum of Illusions and that was where we were going.


What can I tell you, this little guy loved it all the way. But don’t be fulled, there were grownups there too having loads of fun (me included)

Muzej Iluzija Zagreb

Collage muzej iluzija Muzej iluzija head on the plate Muzej iluzija mirror room muzej iluzija

Museum has a shop too, they mostly sell wooden smart toys, but they are also stocking Pinchtoys (we wrote about them in our last Friday Adorbs). We were surprised not to find Oblo and Logiq Tower, since they were both developed by a Croatian guy, Marko Pavlović and as such would go as a great souvenir too.

But no worries, you can get those in OUR SHOP. 🙂

ANd here are some other delusional products we offer – so life wouldn’t be boring!


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