DIY doll bed from a mandarin crate

It is ‘finally’ a real fall here. It is raining, days are short and pretty dark. Time to cuddle up at home with a blanket and a hot cocoa (or nutella crepes if you will).

On the brighter side, it is also a mandarin season! Not only it is one of my favorite fruits (and kids’ too), they can often be purchased in mini crates. And being me, if there is a possibility to purchase a crate packed goods, I do. Sometimes cute things come out of it…like the time when Brumi bear from P’s kindergarten came to stay with us for the weekend.

SLike 025Mandarin crate doll bed

These crates are a bit rough on the edges, maybe not a perfect toy for small babies, but 4+ year olds can handle them for sure. Nevertheless, I Mod Podged some ribbon onto the part where the crate is stapled, just in case.

mandarin crate doll bed

The rest of it is pretty straightforward:

– mini foam mattress covered in black and white polka dot fabric and a Bimba fabric pillow.

SLike 024

– Sharpie stenciled name

SLike 023

– chunky yarn crocheted blanket

SLike 022


– much loved toy teddy called Brumi

SLike 031

– and a caring little boy

SLike 033 SLike 034

We also added some handles so kids could tote him around.

SLike 036

You know what else is in season? Walnut! There are tons of kids projects requiring whole walnut shell. You may want to check out KRTZ walnut extracting knife that can make it happen for you!

For more on how we treat plushies in this house jump to this post.

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