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Exhibitions I say, because one opened on Thursday at Mammut Shopping Centre and the other one at Köki Terminal, also a Shopping Centre. At first I though it was one and a same thing at two different points in town. However, I soon had to realize that although I live in approximate vicinity of Mammut I will be forced to travel to the 10th district because the exbition in Mamut is priced about 3 x higher than the one at Köki, where it is 400 and 600 Forints.

The weather was supposed to be really bad so we had the trip planned for today. I was a little freaked out that it is going to be super crowded and everybody is going to be there. Everyone loves LEGO, right?

But it wasn’t that bad. My kids are still small, so for them the biggest challenge was not to touch stuff. Biggest challenge for me was to explain P that we came here to see the Lego exhibition, to play at the LEGO playroom, and go home WITHOUT any new Legos.



Oh, yes mom, this is exactly what I like. This would be OK.

This exhibition consists of 3 parts, Starwars, City and Technic. The are, of course, scattered around the shopping centre, so you’d have to to walk though the whole thing while you are there. There is a quiz to fill in with 8 questions, ones like: How meny Emmets are in this set? Here is where I realized I will have to work on my geekiness a little harder if I want my sons to think I am even remotely cool. I mena, who the hell is Emmet, was what I was thinking there…



They both loved the Lego building tables, but they also tried out the Duplo pool.

Lego playroom is independent from the exhibition in a sense that it is free. Even if you don’t go to the exhibition, it is well worth to visit this space on the next rainy day.

There loads more photos to see on our facebook page!

Exhibition will be open till May 25.


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