Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with Ieva Zubaviciute, founder of FASHIONBLOC

Ieva Zubaviciute is the founder of FASHIONBLOC – a destination for cool and new designers coming from the Eastern Europe. Originally from Lithuania, currently living and enjoying life in London. Ieva’s dream is to establish Fashion Bloc as a global brand representing best fashion talents from new European fashion destinations. If this scenario goes as it’s planned, her work will be her holiday (and sometimes vice versa), she says.

Ieva Londone vasara

Ieva enjoying summer in London

Describe your dream summer holiday!
My dream holiday has to include: good company (my boyfriend, a bunch of friends with a similar holiday style), good weather conditions (snow if it’s skiing, sun on all other occassions), unlimited ammount of time (go home when you think you’ve had enough), activities (I love hiking!), exploring different corners of the world (I have to catch-up on this one – so much more to see!). I am not a fan of all-inclusive deals and 5 star hotels so most of my holidays are close to perfection.

Where do you really spend you summer holidays?
I usually have a week or two traveling somewhere (Norwegian Fjords is the next stop) and a couple of short breaks for European getaways (Italy is the most common direction). Going back to Lithuania where I am originally from is also compulsory.



Do you cook or eat out?
Both. I’d say I spend less time cooking in the summer (when the weather is inviting).

Fav summer food?
Cold beer? Alternativelly, a good burger in a beer-garden/roof-terrace (this is pretty much the same). I know, not lady-like at all.

Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?
It’s work work… But if I’m on a holiday, it has to include 3 main components: exploring (aka moving not lying down), partying (think mimosas on a beach, not electronic music in a sweaty basement) + reading.

ieva 2

How about festivals?
I like festivals! Usually I visit one per summer. This year it was Lovebox in London.

What is your summer guilty pleasure?
Mmm… eating out a lot!

Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?
Road trip in California, summer 2012

Steven Tyler wearing CooCoomos

Steven Tyler wearing Lithuanian designer’s CooCoomos sunglasses made from bamboo.

Favorite summer spot in (your town)?
Oh there are too many in London! London Fields, Granary Square, Queen of Hoxton Roof Terrace, Food Lab in islington… I can’t be an expert in my hometown Kaunas (Lithuania) anymore but I definitelly recommend Vilnius st in the Old Town – it’s super cozy and very vibrant in the summer.

Lilija larionova

Lithuanian designer Lilija Larionova’s summer collection

Cocktail or lemonade?
Beer or white wine.


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