Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Summer Interview with Diana Barcsi

Diana Barcsi is a Budapest based textile designer we already interviewed before.  She makes the world’s coolest softies and rattles, textile books, pillows, blankets, play-mats, and any other goods you can think of for children. But this is not about her work, we are in summer mode and we want to know about Dia’s summer pleasures.


1. Describe your dream summer holiday!

As much as I love to spend my summer holidays with my children, it would be good for a week to be without them. (Bad, bad parent, poor children!):) Then I would hike in the woods, watch the animals, collect interesting plants, and of course, take lots of pics! Hungary is full of romantic hideaways. It would be exciting to discover some of these by bike.  I would taste local specialties, look for localmonuments, etc…pure inspiration.


2. Where do you really spend you summer holidays?

Of course I spend my summer holidays with my family, in general at lake Balaton. As my children love swimming and  splashing, Balaton provides perfect entertainment for them.   If the child is happy,  parents are satisfied!:)


3. Do you cook or eat out?
I like cooking, I always prepare meals for my family. Cooking is kind of a relaxing activity for me, but only when I don’t have anything else to do and there is no need to hurry. I hate to rush! But, it is a nice feeling to be served sometimes.

4. Fav summer food?
Melon, peach, plum, tuna salad, ratatouille, and so on…

5. Is it party, party, party or catching up on your reading?
Being a caring mother, of course reading.:)

6. How about festivals?
I like those festivals where there is good food, nice programs for children and there is possibility to look for inspiration. I’d like to go to National Chocolate Festival, in Szerencs, on Aug. 23-to Aug.26.
I’m looking forward to the Budapest Design Week (Sept. 27 to Okt. 6., 2013.) There will be open studios, shopping deals, design tours, gastro-programs, workshops for children and adults…

7. What is your summer guilty pleasure?
Watching Dirty Dancing and eating Praliné.

8. Where was the best summer holiday you ever had?
It was my honeymoon, on Canary Island.

Canary Islands

9. Favorite summer spot in Budapest?
Gelarto Rosa, Cserpes Tejivó, Károlyi Garden, Kopaszi Dam.

10. Cocktail or lemonade?
Lemonade with a lot of mentha.

Lazy-Crazy-Hazy Interview Series started on Eastok Europe last year, we loved it so we’re bringing it over here.

Stay tuned for more!


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