Friday Adorbs: Concrete house rings

Blue-Saltbox-bottom_grande house rings 2 house rings 3 house rings

97% of our city is made of concrete, brick and timber. The city moves us, protects us and houses us. The Architact Collective is inspired by architecture and motivated by design as the primary catalyst for bringing together the community. Our work is derived from the construction industry and we reinterpret the notion of the city as wearable jewellery. Every detail and process of our work serves as constant reminder of the city that surrounds us. (The Architact Collective)


Yellow-Minimal03-top_grandegableC1-DIY_grandeAfter a successful Kickstarter campaign last year design your own ring kits are now available for your own pleasure.

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If you love concrete you might like these studs from our shop. We DO!


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