Drawstring backpacks, one for a girl and one for a boy

For Hungary and Croatia today was the last day of the first week of school. I don’t have school kids yet, which is why I can still be enjoying my summer vacation in September, but before I left to spend my 3 weeks in Croatia, I made two drawstring backpacks for two kids (my friend’s kids) who were making a big step in their lives this week, while were somewhere on the beach doing nothing.

Girl drawstring backpack, for a girl who naturally loves pink, but loves blue more…and most of all likes horses!

Drawstring backpack.JPG

Fabric is a night gown I salvaged from my friends trunk. It features colours 6 years old Eszter  likes.

White horse is and iron on, I googled images of horses and picked the one I liked, printed it on an iron on sheet. Iron on sheets for dark fabrics work completely differently than the ones for light fabrics. These don’t need to be mirrored, they basically work like a sticker, but sticker becomes sticky only when you iron it. It is ironed over paper. Interestingly enough, while ironing, the pink grid from the fabric came out over the horse image too, so it looks as if it was printed on. I love it!

Boys drawstring backpack is made from my old cargo pants, thus featuring 2 pockets, 1 on each side of the pack. B is also ironed on and stands for Barnabas, the owner of the sack.

drawstring backpack

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