DIY Cardboard furniture by foldschool

As a lover of cardboard, recycling and making stuff I also love free patterns and templates, especially if they are as cool as foldschool.

In order to make good design available for everyone, foldschool offers free templates for stool, chair and a rocker designed by Swiss-based architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli.
Products are not available in their completed form, because of their philosophy that says:

‘The process of crafting your own piece of furniture is fundamental to the attitude of foldschool. We are considering to offer certain designs as a semi-finished product (perforated, creased but not assembled)’

I have yet to try them out, but apparently the folding of the cardboard makes it very solid and it can carry the weight of an adult without problem. When you’ve made your little furniture kids can personalize them and do their part in the creative process.

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