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Our tree is gone

During the flood we had in Budapest earlier this year I took P and baby I. to see the water levels rising, in the morning and in the evening every day. Changes were drastic, and at 4 years old he appreciates it and by seeing it he can really start grasping what the flood means […]

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World of Toys

Hello dear readers, I want to start this year with something very dear to my heart…WORLD OF TOYS. “At the very beginnings of civilization children’s toys appear as one of the important elements of human development and one of the first records of design.” World of Toys project  of  Zagreb Ethnographic Museum  consists of 4 exhibitions: […]

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Crumpled city maps

Just yesterday I met with my friends, who have a 3 year old daughter and they dared to take a vacation that consisted mostly of sightseeing. Interestingly enough, their trip was very successful, and they had a great time. What stuck with me from the story, was how the explorer Dora (yes, that is her […]

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