Carnival Series with photographer Krisztina Galló

 Krisztina Galló is a photographer, MENTA magazine co-founder and a mom to two little girls. We asked her to share with us a little bit about what Carnival means to her and her family.

What do you and your family do for carnival?

I actually make a big of a deal of every holiday, so that is true about carnival too. We start preparing weeks in advance. Truth be told, only kids dress up, we grownups don’t, but our older daughter doodles on our faces sometimes with a washable marker.:)

Farsang Mini Eger

She is always engaged in role play anyway and dresses up in imaginary or DIY costumes (often enough we have to join in…just recently I went to open the door to a postman wearing a small shiny crown) but we we really go out on a limb for the ‘official’ kindergarten carnival.

She was already a butterfly, super girl and this year a flamingo.

szuperlany (2)

Small one is only 1.5 and she was already a lion, Mini Mouse, ladybird and a scientist.

hoember jelmez marcius20140502_1027

Maybe next year we should consider throwing a party for friends and their kiddos.

My photo-props come in very handy when we are figuring out the next costume.

DSC_5282 mexico2

My daughter has quite a few accessories that can be used in her every-day-kit: crowns, tutus, parts of old costumes etc. But sometimes, like for example this year’s flamingo, we collect ideas from the internet and find someone to sew it for us.

Flamingo1Any special foods?

I’ve been playing with the idea of making donuts for years, maybe this year I will give it a go.

Thanks for being here Kriszta!:)

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