Cardboard boat to the rescue with help of Makedo

…or how to get away from the crocodile in a cardboard boat with spray bottle motor

Way back in March, after we made our cardboard plane I was sent a precious package by Makedo to try out. We’ve been friends ever since. Some of our creations were lost for good when Daddy formatted the memory card with our photos on, but this weekend we had some serious fun making a cardboard boat. I say serious fun, because:
1. It is always fun to create something from nothing
2. P finally started taking initiative, he had some great ideas and he was really into the whole thing all the way

What you need is a pack of Makedo connector system, a 3 year old full of imagination and some cardboard, plastic bottles, spray bottles and everything else you have in the house can be used as needed.

And you can  row, row, row your boar gently down the stream, until…


you get into the situation where you have to fight the crocodile with you IKEA scissors

paddle some more to try to get away

and then quickly turn on the motor (spray bottle) to run away

Check if there are any more crocodiles coming your way

Now that the danger is over, get some rest:

cardboard boat

You have a big day tomorrow pulling your brother around in a box


Cardboard toys do wear and tear after a while, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. However, when you take of the Makedo plastic bits (for the next masterpiece you are going to create), you can throw them away without feeling bad – it is only paper. Kids get to create and design their own toys and you get to see how amazing their ‘little’ minds are and you get to play too.

If you like this you can get it in our shop, hours of fun guaranteed!

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