Bubba’s Downtown

My kids love going to restaurants. They think it is cool and luxurious to order, be served, eat something delicious and not have to put away the dishes. I also like to be served and not to have to spend the Sunday cooking, so sometimes we just do lunch outside the house during weekends.

Bubba’s Downtown is a restaurant situated in the heart of a Budapest near the popular University square. This part of the city attracts mostly young people and tourists but walking distance from the beautiful Karoly garden and a spacious square with little or no traffic makes it a nice Sunday lunch outing for families with children.

The menu offers a variety of  seafood. There are non sea-food dishes too, but as a fish crazy family we didn’t give much attention to that part of the menu. To be honest, I hardly looked at the menu. We were really lucky to have the owner Andras  Árkai himself talk us through the possibilities based on everyone’s preference.

I knew my two smaller boys will definitely be happiest with something simple and fun, so we went for Prawn and Chips for them.  The 9 year old did acquire some parental guidance, because he had his mind set on the lobster, but we successfully redirected that to the biggest ever salmon burger. My husband had Fish & Chips with catfish as his fish of choice.  I was keen on spinach, as I heard it is a must try side dish when at Bubba’s and mahi mahi steak I got with it was just perfect. A plate of aquadella fish to nibble on while we wait for the real food was a really good idea, because kids tend to be impatient, especially when they are hungry.

aquadella fish plate

Aquadella to pass the time

All in all, we had a great time.

It was raining outside when we came and it was still to early for other people to come to lunch. It is true we could not try out their colorful terrace and the surfboard table they have outside. Photos would have been more Instagrammable if we’d taken them in front of their super fun graphic window. But, we were nicely taken care of inside too, the owner even played some Croatian football songs for the boys. We really felt like we were there visiting a friend. Not everybody needs a Michelin star restaurant. Some of us only want to have a relaxing Sunday lunch and eat some fish.

Bubba's Downtown interior

Bubba’s Downtown interior


Bubba's Downtown

Lemonade and drawing


Bubba's Salmon Burger

Bubba’s Salmon Burger


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