Back to School made fun

Every year about this time all shops are full of Back to school supplies. Internet is flooded with stationery goodness and I go crazy because love for stationery never left me (although I rarely use any really, with all the technology around the house). This year the whole thing is emphasized by the fact that  Back to School actually affects us too. With my son starting school in September I am pretty much all into the subject. Here in Hungary we get a pretty detailed list of what the first graders need in their pencil cases, what kind of pencil case, how much of anything. This admittedly takes a lot of stress of the parents shoulders, because frankly, those of us doing this for the first time are pretty much clueless.

Spincil, pencil on one side, spinning top on the other


Snail drawing board made of one piece of cardboard

snail by ecopan design

Boya crayons teardrop shaped crayons perfect to use in any position, on the floor, at the table or maybe on a drawing board like the one above. BTW, you can win one now in our giveaway that is open till tomorrow.

Boya_6_14 obrađena

Nessie pushpins


Katapult pen that looks like a slingshot pencil.slingshot pen


shark stapler

Alphabet blocks by Kay Bojesen, originally designed for Danish schools in the 50’s (how cool is that) now back in production.

alphabet blocks by kay bojesen

Pita bread pencil case

pita bread pencil holder

Sardine paperclips, they come packaged in a sardine can:)


If you are into paperclips you might want to check out our Mini Me lamps, they totally look like big, colorful paperclips.

Madpax – because life is too short to wear a boring backpack!

Wild Blue Yonder blok madpax backpack

Eraser ring is a handmade sterling silver ring with erasers. At the price of 110 USD it probably won’t be your first choice for your kids first day at school accessory, but it is still fun.

eraser ring

If you still want rings these rubber diamonds by Balance Wu Design might look like fun.


And that is it from me for today.

What is your favorite school supply? Are you ready? Or is school already in full swing in your parts? Tell us in comments!

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway, it closes tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon we are coming back with the last summer interview and a new giveaway, so don’t go far.

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