Anne Kurris SS15

I am practically without words (not a good thing when you have a blog). I have this need to write about Anne Kurris today, but I don’t know why. I am unable to explain why I like it. I am not too fond of strong graphic features, on the other hand…bright colours are my cup of tee. I probably love that the boys are wearing orange pants, because  mine do. I am also half bummed because my son graduated from kindergarten yesterday. He has one foot in the school and I am nostalgic and tearful. This whimsical, colorful, careless world of Anne Kurris SS15 collection is helping me deal.

I guess I made it, I explained it somehow.

lookbook20anne kurris lookbook21anne kurris lookbook17anne kurris lookbook15anne kurris lookbook13anne kurris lookbook11anne kurris anne kurris lookbook ss15

And how are you feeling today?

I am going to try and put on my colorful earrings and eat strawberry ice-cream from my happy bowls. That will normally do the trick.

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