Amazing kindergartens by Baukind

 Kita Sinneswandel – Sinneswandel kindergarten in Berlin is integration kindergarte hosting deaf und hearing kids. Room high animal applications guide the kids to their rooms. baukind_kita-sinneswandel-nachher-19 baukind_kita-sinneswandel-nachher-21baukind_kita-sinneswandel-nachher-07

Kita Hisa  – formerly a retail store, was rebuilt to create a pleasant, safe and stimulating kindergarten with enough space for 70 children (Berlin, Germany).

baukind_kita-hisa-01 baukind_kita-hisa-03 baukind_kita-hisa-06 baukind_kita-hisa-10baukind_kita-hisa-11

Kita Drachenhöhle – in this Berlin kindergarten walls of the former salt sauna were conserved and integrated in the architectural design adapted for children.

baukind_kita-drachenhoehle-1 baukind_kita-drachenhoehle-3 baukind_kita-drachenhoehle-4baukind_kita-drachenhoehle-5

Kita Loftschloss – the first kindergarten in Berlin located in a shopping mall, and it used as a beverage shop.

baukind_kita-loftschloss-10 baukind_kita-loftschloss-05 baukind_kita-loftschloss-02baukind_kita-loftschloss-03

Kita Spreesprotten

The design is inspired by the educational philosphy of the kindergarden Spreesprotten, which follows the ideas of Maria Montessori. The most important educational goals are the creation and fostering of independence and self-confidence in the children.
„Help me to do it myself.“ We wanted to create an environment that encourages those abilities in kids.

baukind_kita-spreesprotten-08  baukind_kita-spreesprotten-03 baukind_kita-spreesprotten-01 baukind_kita-spreesprotten-18baukind_kita-spreesprotten-16

We’re doing some rebuilding at home at the moment so the boys would get a bigger room and I am totally stealing some of the ideas from here…

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