Kamorka – oasis of organic fashion in Budapest downtown

Two weeks ago I finally got to visit Kamorka – a beautiful, cozy organic fashion shop on the pretty Pozsonyi street (Budapest). The sun was shining, my baby fell asleep and everything was just perfect. To be honest, it took ages to organize this, I think we started talking around Christmas and somehow half a year flew by. But, everything happens for a reason, because I got to see the whole new collection now and meet Klaudia, the designer and Eszter the marketing manager who are both just too nice for words. I had this perfect, slow morning with them, which is so unusual – almost impossible to imagine – nowadays, while my son slept on an impromptu cushion bed they quickly made for him in the corner of the shop. Now, when I am recalling it I think of it as an an oasis of calm.

Kamorka Organic fashion

Kamorka is an organic fashion brand from Hungary that chose the chemical-free way, because they believe in the sustainable mode of expressing personality through fashion. They use organic, plant-based materials. Organic means that the plants were grown without applying harmful chemicals, and the highest standards guarantee that the textiles were not treated with such chemicals during their production. Klaudia’s personal goal is to support her immediate environment, so each and every garment is made in Hungary from design to manufacture, including hand knitting and embroidery. In fact, hand embroidery is actually done by her mom.

Kamorka Organic fashion

Sustainability and fair-trade talk is not just a marketing stunt for Kamorka. We spent a valuable amount of time talking about what we ourselves do to make a difference, what we wash and clean with, how we shop and consume stuff. In fact, there is a lecture on how’s and why’s of eco-washing planned in the shop on May 20. Fashion industry is one of the largest environmental polluters in the world. In manufacturing phase it is the pesticides and enormous amounts of water spent to, but a huge 25% of carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them. Also, extending a lifetime of clothes reduces the carbon print. That means buy smart, timeless, quality pieces that won’t fall apart and go out of fashion next season.

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. J. Goodall

Kamorka Organic fashion

Even though the brand started off as children’s clothing brand, due to popular demand you can now find timeless pieces of women’s clothing at the shop too and soon daddy’s won’t have to just sit and wait in the corner but they will have something to choose from too.


What do you do to make a difference? Do you read labels? Is a FAIR TRADE sign what you are looking for at all?



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