Workspace Next Door: Matyi, Nori & Luca

Hi there, if anybody is here at all after I've been neglecting the blog for so long.

I am back today with one of my favorite series - the Workspace Next Door. Today we're visiting my sons' kindergarten friend's house. Csilla, the mom was so nice to talk us through her view of the workspace and how they decided what they needed for the three kids: Matyi (8), Nori (6) and Luca (3).

3. What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

The main aspect was to get the desk big enough so 2 kids could work at it at the same time. Nori is only two years younger than her brother and she will soon go to school too (although she is already acting as if she were a school girl). We bought Ikea highchairs in order for them to be able to reach the desk top nicely. Matyi is in the 2nd grade now and he doesn't get much homework, which means they are still using their workspace mainly to draw or play.

4. Did your kids have a say in the decisions?

We did absolutely everything together. Big globe was Matyi's idea and Nori's drawings are the main decoration in their room.

5. And do they also do their homework on the dining table instead?

​We have one desk in parents bedroom, they could use that if they needed to work separately. If on the other hand, they need help with homework, big kitchen table is the best because I can wach over all three of them and talk to them while I am cooking. I love that the most if you ask me.

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