Why we love BOYA crayons


Why we love BOya crayons

We love Boya crayons, that’s no secret, but I wanted to tell you WHY WE LOVE BOYA CRAYONS.

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I love them because they are pretty, they are soft (almost silky) to touch, they don’t smell and don’t make a mess out of either your kids hands or their drawings. Also important in summer, when kids are bound to leave a crayon or two out in the sun, they won’t melt even in direct sun.

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Kids love them because they are fun not only to draw with, but to play with them almost like a puzzle. My kids love stacking them and make shapes than draw around them. Also, they have extremely strong pigment which makes it much easier for the littles to leave a noticeable mark, which makes them happy. Boya crayons are easy to use in any position, on the floor, on the table, or on vertical background, because the whole crayon is made for drawing, however you hold it or turn it, things will be happening.

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I love how they change their shape with time, depending on which side of the ‘drop’ they use the most. Even though they are stronger than classic crayons they also break sometimes, if dropped from high above or too many times. We love that too. They always break differently and they can still be used afterwords in different ways.


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I love how using boya crayons makes the kids think. You can see their little minds working, trying to figure out new ways to incorporate into their creative play and drawing process. I love how you can recognize a drawing made with boya crayons, because of the possibility of drawing wider, softer lines in one go.

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Have you tried them already? Would you like to? Have you read Viki’s post on Boya?



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