The Workspace Next Door: Lii

This week’s workspace next door takes us to Sweden. Anne is an illustrator, photographer, blogger and small business owner over at ANNESS.

Girls: Lii (6), Mio (almost 3), Tuva (4 months)

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

We wanted to give our kids a large workspace with room for a lot of paper, pens and crafts. It should feel fun to sit at the desk and write, draw and be creative. And with plenty of space for siblings and friends to be creative together at the desk.

the workspace next door annes

Did your daughter have a say in the decisions?

Lii, our big girl was just three years old when she had her own room (and workspace). So we did her room for her, but we tried to think about what she would like to do in her room. A room with big space to play and a big desk with lots of space for school work and craft. Now that she is bigger, she is still happy with her room and workspace.

The workspace nexd door lii

And does she also do her homework on the dining table instead?

So far, our children do not have any homework. But when they do, we want them to sit wherever they feel most comfortable to do their homework, if so at their desk, dining table or even on lots of pillows under the table. As long as they feel they have a comfortable working atmosphere.

the workspace next door by annes for nokoncept

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