The Workspace Next Door: Boró, Barnus and Bori

We’re continuing with our workspaces next door. This week creative blogger Bori Kollár, co-founder of Szintér and a blogger behind Borarti for kids is sharing her thoughts on their workspace decisions.

Kids: Boró (7), Barnus (6)

What were the main aspects to consider when deciding on the kids workspace?

The most important thing for me was to satisfy the kids’ functional needs my aesthetic needs, because that too is in my opinion important for their personality development. I find it very important for kids to be able to learn in inspirational and susceptible environment.

Borokas workspace

Did your kids have a say in the decisions?

Their desk was made taking their wishes into consideration of course. Since they are sharing a room we tried to use neutral colors. Boró’s favorite color is yellow and Barni’s is turquoise, and everybody is happy. Since the furniture is salvaged or re-purposed I have my source of joy too.

And do they also do their homework on the dining table instead?

Nothing is what it seems here. Door is a desk, desk is a kitchen island. It all started one year ago when Boróka started school and we refurbished a salvaged desk for her and added a yellow shelf to it.


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As a year went by it turned out this desk is way too small for two kids, I on the other hand was dying for a kitchen island. I took an old door, colored it turquoise and turned it into a desk, while the old desk moved to the kitchen. Since my daughter still doesn’t bring much homework home, they don’t really spend that much time at their desk. Most of their assignments are of creative nature and we do those in my workshop, so I’d say our learning station is here, where we can create together around a big desk with all supplies at hand.

workspace next door boroka es barnabas

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